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Amazon Bio Cup (BioPBS coated paper cup)

28 February 2017

1. Amazon Bio Cup (BioPBS coated paper cup)
2. Café Amazon is the pilot using Amazon Bio Cup which is a 100% compostable paper cup coated with BioPBS. It is one of eco-friendly innovations from PTT Group. Amazon Bio Cup is used instead of plastic cup for hot beverages in all menus at all branches of Café Amazon. At the end of the year 2016, Café Amazon has more than 1,700 branches.
3. UsingAmazon Bio Cup instead of a plastic cup (Hot coffee cup) at all branches is the first step that Café Amazon expresses its intention to environmentally friendly operate the business. To use Amazon Bio Cup will help reduce more than 200 tons of plastic wasteper year. 
4. In March, 2015, Café Amazon initially used Ingeo PLA cup (100% compostable plant-derived plastics) to replace a plastic cup for cold beverages sized 12, 16, and22 oz in 5 branches (PTT Headquarters Building and EnCo Building).